About Us

We specialise in all forms of marketing. All programs are personalised to your individual needs.

Digital Marketing​

We offer affordable, lead generation social marketing services that will grow your following, increase your engagement and nurture key leads into prospects.

Direct Marketing

Lead generation does not have to be a responsibility of your sales people. It can easily and cost-effectively be outsourced to an experienced telemarketer.

Progressive Marketing​

Our marketing success can be attributed to the quality of our seasoned staff and professional management team, for a confidential discussion.

Our story


We have delivering high level lead generation campaigns to a wide number of sectors. With an extensive background, we have also broadened out into event and conference support, and in recent years working more with membership organisation renewing subscriptions.

Our aim is to create long standing relationships with our clients. The benefit is it gives the ability to build up a conversation with the lead or create leads via social media keep having intelligent communication, which ultimately results in a lead and growth for our clients.

If the potential clients in our opinion have unrealistic expectations that we feel are we would rather not take on the job, this is also our skill set and our knowledge from past campaigns being both social media and direct marketing.
Communication is the key, “results not excuses!”

We believe that over 70% of the success of a lead generation campaign is down to the accuracy of the data.
It may be common sense to most marketers, but you’ll hear this said time and time again. The success of any lead generation initiative is often dependent on the quality and relevance of the database being used. It’s all well and good having great products, and a great message – but if the target audience has no responsibility or involvement in the product or service being promoted then expect responses to be minimal. 

Opportunities uncovered from lead generation campaigns often fall into a number of categories – need now, short term, medium term and long term need. Just because someone doesn’t want something immediately, it doesn’t mean they don’t ever want it. Identifying a prospect’s ‘buying window’ is a fundamental objective of all lead generation campaign. We make the most of each call, categorising prospects by buying timescale you can create a pipeline of prospects for the next 3, 6, 9 months or more.

Lead generation is the only other form of two-way vocal communications apart from face to face – so get up close and personal. The power of the internet leads and phone as a marketing tool is second to none. It enables a message to be positioned in a ‘tailor-made’ manner, with criteria such as the prospect’s understanding, interest level and overall requirements. The benefit of having a two way conversation is that prospects are immediately identified and at the same time qualified. Even when a prospect is not interested there is still an opportunity to gather information as to when and if there is a future buying window for them. Lead generation is a totally measurable form of marketing. Often marketing initiatives are implemented one after another without assessing the success of each campaign. This is often the purpose of the campaign is explained as ‘building the brand’ or ‘providing air cover’, both of which are important, but not accurately measurable. With lead generation the results are totally measurable – we know how many people have been spoken to, and how many people provide an opportunity